Small GROUP 3 +

3-9    2


What’s in there?

Gather your friends and benefit from the best offer! Your extraordinary flying experience in the wind tunnel will be augmented by a hefty saving.

The group rate is suitable for companies of 3 + persons. Both adults and children are welcome.

How will it go?

Each guest will have at least two 1-minute sessions with an instructor.
The rate includes a High Flight: your instructor will fly each guest up to 7–10 meters few times during the second session

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Working Hours

1 PM - 10 PM

Climbing wall:

1 PM - 10PM

Climbing wall:

Ladies Day :-

دخول السيدات في الاوقات المخصصة لهم فقط - Ladies are allowed to enter only at the following time :-

Saturday: 11 AM-2 PM

Monday: 7 PM - 10 PM